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google scholarで、分析哲学の有名な文献の引用数を調べてみるというテスト。系統だったテストではなく、思いついた文献を入力してみただけ。

  • Quine, Word and Object:9792
  • Dummett, Frege:3007
  • Kripke, Naming and Necessity:10729
  • Evans, Varieties of Reference:4055
  • Ryle, The Concept of Mind:14293
  • Putnam, Reason, Truth and History:4513
  • Davidson, Essays on Actions and Events:4391
  • Searle, Speech Acts:21630
  • Lewis, On the Plurality of Worlds:4848
  • Chomsky. Knowledge of Language:10493
  • Armstrong, Universals:745
  • Dretske, Knowledge and the Flow of Information:4084
  • Pinker, The Language Instinct:9937
  • Williamson, Knowledge and Its Limits:3022
  • Ayer, Language Logic and Truth:5244
  • Strawson, Individuals:3541
  • Goodman, Fact Fiction and Forecast:2718?