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邦訳の目次には出版年の情報が付けられていないが、原著の目次には章ごとに出版年が細かく記されている。それを見ると、Meaningは(1948, 1957)と記されている。飯田先生が「1948年」と書いた典拠はおそらくこれだろう。

wikipedia, "Paul Grice" には

See discussion of this history in Russell Dale, The Theory of Meaning, Chapter 1, endnote 31, p. 34.


Stephen Schiffer, Richard Grandy, and Richard Warner have all told me in personal correspondence that Grice originally wrote the paper for a seminar that he and Strawson were to give in 1948, but was reluctant to publish it. Strawson had the article typed out and submitted it for publication without Grice's knowledge. Strawson only told Grice after the article was accepted for publication. Stephen Schiffer has told me that Grice himself told him this story and Richard Warner has written to me that he also heard this story from Grice. The only person I have been able to find who has noted the 1948 date is Fogelin in his review of Studies in the Way of Words: "'Meaning'...was first published in 1957, and apparently given as a lecture almost ten years earlier in 1948" (Fogelin (1991)). But that "Meaning" was given as a lecture does not seem to be noted anywhere in Studies in the Way of Words and Fogelin doesn't mention a source for the information he provides.



*2:The Theory of Meaning by Russell Dale; Chapter 1 Notes